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Scope of Work:
Floating Caisson Material Testing
  • Inspection and testing of 3 specimen pieces removed from the floating caisson at Sturrock Dry Dock.
  • Erection of a scaffolding tower to access the areas, removal of the three specified sections and replacement pieces being welded into position.
  • Plates were chamfered and areas touched up.
  • Specimen pieces delivered to the client.
Scope of Work:
Africana – Wooden Deck Replacement
  • The deck was refurbished in three sections using meranti wood.
  • The SOW included removal & replacement of the studs, installation of new wood (including a steelwork assessment).
  • Sealing the gaps with caulking and bitumen tar.
Scope of Work:
Sarah Baartman – Stabiliser refurbishment
  • Removal of the port & stbd tiller arms as well as the port & stbd hydraulic rams.
  • The rams and arms were rigged off the vessel and transported to the workshop where they were refurbished.
  • Machining of new taper pins, new top & bottom taper caps.
  • The tiller arms and tiller hydraulic rams were then re-installed on the vessel.
  • Divers were commissioned to secure the stabilizers and release on completion.
Scope of Work:
Scaffolding Supply for Tank Fabrication Project
  • Supply & erection of 80 tons of scaffolding for fabrication of 5 off vegetable oil tanks
Scope of Work:
Stainless Steel Equipment & Mild Steel Fabrications
  • Specialized stainless steel equipment such as lockers, louvres, aluminum trays, meat presses, biltong ovens and steaming machines.

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